Kurt Stafki


Kurt picked up his first fishing rod not long after he started walking. It was four feet long and the reel was shaped like Snoopy. When Kurt was a three-year-old fishing with his dad, he took a sip of his dad's beer when nobody was looking and promptly spit it out. Not much has changed since then; he still likes to enjoy a beer while spending a day on the water. 

Kurt is now a marketer at a Minneapolis brewery. His evenings and weekends are spent fly fishing, biking, cross-country skiing, or some mix of the previously mentioned activities. Most significantly, he knows the importance of clean natural resources and wild places accessible to all.

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Kurt is donating 50% of his profits to Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy, a nonprofit using law, science, and research to protect Minnesota's environment, its natural resources, and the health of its people.

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