Chad Rieder

Photo by Matt Beshear

Photo by Matt Beshear

Chad is continually inspired by the perfect symmetry that nature often provides. Some of his earliest memories were of exploring the woods around his grandparent’s farm. And years later, that need to learn and explore led him to embark on his first trip to the Boundary Waters where he spent five days solo with his camera. Now with many backcountry adventures behind him, he still feels the constant call of the north woods and wants to do what he can to help protect it.

Although Minneapolis is his home, Chad understands how necessary it is to unplug and return to nature when he can. The immense beauty and healing powers of nature must be available for future generations to experience and enjoy.

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Chad is donating 50% of his profits to Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness, a non-profit who is currently working to halt mineral mining on edge of the Boundary Waters.

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